The Red Sea is the culmination of 14+ years of prayer, listening, discussion, and planning.  We first tried to establish the centre in 2009, but the time was not yet right for us. In 2019, the concept was presented at the Missions Interlink South Pacific Member Care Conference in Dunedin, New Zealand, where it received overwhelming support and encouragement.

We have been working towards this goal ever since, with the help, guidance, and advice of many mission agencies in the region. With the formation of our Board in July 2021, we gained an incredible foundation of knowledge and wisdom. The board appointed our immensely qualified CEO, Mark van Rossen, in February 2022. The momentum of Mark and his wonderful wife and teammate Lorene has driven the centre since.

As we open our doors, we feel so grateful and blessed to have had such great support, as we step forward in faith on our mission to support the Christian mission community.

Our full Statement of Faith can be found here.

Our Board

Our board members have immense experience and breadth of understanding, and above all, passion for our purpose. We are truly blessed by their support and direction, which has been fundamental to our development and focus. Their support guides us to reach the world for Christ, by supporting the vital work of our members and clients.

Karen Newnham
Board Chairperson

Dr David Nicholls
Board Member

Dr Kate Pocklington
Board Member

Louise Jensen
Board Member

Daniel Simkins
Board Member

Carol Langsford
Board Secretary

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