Statement of Faith

We worship the only God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. His love overflowed to create the universe, and He calls us to share in eternal life and love, and to seek the fulfilment of His divine purposes.

In grace and humility, Jesus, the only Son of the Father, shared our humanity and became our example of service and sacrifice. Out of love, he suffered the consequences of our sin, overcoming the evil one, and releasing humanity from alienation from God. Jesus now reigns as Lord of all, and through the active presence of the Spirit, calls for repentance, and brings forgiveness and new life to all who live in union with him. Christians live in love by the power of the Spirit, who is the Spirit of Jesus, as a single community of God’s people.

The life and work of the church is guided by God through the Scriptures which are uniquely inspired and the final authority for Christian faith and practice. We are filled with the Spirit who transforms lives and characters according to the example of the Lord Jesus, and the church is built up by the gifts of ministry and service which the Spirit brings.

As a community of those who worship God and live in fellowship, we are called to bring everyone the good news of salvation. We are committed to work for justice in every society, and to protect and enhance God’s creation. While working for the kingdom in the present, we also look forward to the return of the Lord Jesus, bringing justice to all, and heralding the glorious kingdom of God.