Red Sea Counselling and Member Care Services

Our therapists provide a safe, supportive space to work through any issues or concerns. Common challenges include dealing with trauma, managing depression and anxiety, working through grief, and facing spiritual struggles.

Counselling is available to men and women of all ages.

Debriefing services are available for men and women. Debriefing is provided by Red Sea staff with mission experience and wisdom, to assist our members with processing challenging events, changes, and spiritual challenges.

Debriefing is available face-to-face in Cairns or online through our secure system.

Are you in need of healing and understanding, wanting to hear from God?

Prayer ministry provides a safe space for you to find freedom and peace with God. We would love to pray with you and listen to the Holy Spirit together. Our facilitators are trained to journey with you, allowing the truth of Scripture to help you see who Christ created you to be, to see and experience the fruit of God’s Spirit living in your life.

Spiritual direction involves a process through which one person helps another understand God’s movement in their lives.  It provides space for the person to stop on a regular basis (4-6 weeks) to pay attention to what God is doing and where He might be inviting them into new ways of being with Jesus.

The spiritual director listens for the voice of the Holy Spirit and provides guidance through questions.  The sessions focus on helping you to build an intimate relationship with God over a lifetime through all the problems, crises, joys and blessings in life.

The Red Sea Counselling Centre offers monthly training and member care development opportunities for cross-cultural workers both in person and online. Tailored to the challenges of working across cultures, our courses provide practical tools to navigate your ministry effectively.

Our coaching services aim to team up with you for personal responsibility and emotional growth so you can unlock your full personal and ministry potential. We are passionate about helping you access your motivation for healthy relationships with God, yourself and others.

A supportive coach can make all the difference, guiding you towards greater satisfaction.

Red Sea coaches have extensive cross-cultural experience. 

Find grace-filled support and how to face the challenge to live in freedom in the face of unwanted sexual behaviour and shame. Develop a personalized recovery plan and take steps to experience lasting change.

Sex Addiction Recovery Coaching is available to men 18 and older.

Our Philosophy of Care

Our counsellors offer Christ-centred counselling that is theologically sound and clinically informed. Our counsellors understand the challenges and hardships of mission, and are here to support mission workers on their own personal and spiritual journeys. This may involve processing unresolved past experiences, such as trauma, or cultural misunderstandings, or working through current challenges, such as relational conflicts or ministry-family balance.

Any and all topics are discussed with empathy, non-judgement and respect, and understood through the lens of Scripture. Our clinical methodologies are aligned with and reflect the Christian worldview, and we seek understanding through a scriptural lens.

Who We Support

We support Christian cross-culture workers living or working in the Asia Pacific region, from all all Christian missions, agencies, and church outreaches. Trauma and culture shock can impact all who serve overseas or in indigenous communities. We help people work through what they have seen and experienced, from a place of deep understanding, non-judgement and unconditional care.

We support Christian cross-cultural workers returning home or retiring. Many people leave the field with unresolved trauma that impacts all facets of their lives and relationships, which can remain a life-long burden. We help our members work through trauma, spiritual issues, relationship challenges, and reverse culture shock – all of which are common experiences for those returning from or leaving extended service.

We support all Christian workers, be they clergy, ministers, church leaders, or church and ministry support workers. The burnout rate among clergy is alarming. More and more, we hear of good, committed pastors and church workers leaving the ministry and not coming back. We are committed to helping prevent this by offering space to debrief, and to work through challenging issues, such as feeling they cannot uphold their own (and others’) incredibly high expectations, or struggling to meet the changing demands of ministry.

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